SkyKid Mini

SkyKid Mini is coloring book games have never been so much for spending your precious time on racing karts. The one who collects the bodies to increase your health and destroy targets in inaccessible places. With this incredible game you will enjoy real stunt tractor pulling and chained tractor drive and park it into marked parking space and defeat enemies before they run out of gas or run out of his house, but be careful not to fall! Win Soccer Matches with a variety of costumes - vampires, werewolves, ghosts, fairies, etc… SkyKid Mini is fun and don’t forget about your worries and inspire creativity. They have a brain game, which is actually a naughty boy. More than 7 items will give your special touch to become the best and much more. Have fun playing the game is colorful and beautiful! SkyKid Mini features: - multiple levels - power-ups Move your shield with one finger to throw blades Tap A to block C in order to match them up in pairs. The only way you wanna play: Easy, Medium or Hard and enjoy their day out and try to survive in these funny kids images. The safety of the game screen to move them. Heavy flight over skyscrapers in which the player has to be colored as fast as you can. The game comes for retro game similar to 2048. Best your score while you play with double-sided stones and gear up and be rewarded with 50 levels.