What is WordPress? Getting Started with WordPress?

What is WordPress? Getting Started with WordPress?

Friends, before that, maybe you know nothing about WordPress, or you have heard of it, you have never used it, then, start learning about WordPress today, Advocating will bring you into the world of WordPress full of charm. Maybe you will like this from now on, of course, maybe you will hate it, but no matter what, at least know about it first.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a blogging platform developed using the PHP language. Users can set up WordPress on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. You can use WordPress to build a simple stand-alone blog, or use WordPress as a content management system (CMS) to build a small portal. In short, WordPress is now powerful enough to build almost any common type of website.

Why, still don’t understand what is WordPress?

Explain again, the general website now has a management background, such as your own blogger.com, medium etc., you can post articles after logging in, what. So, the WordPress mentioned here is actually a program that provides website background management. After installing WordPress, you have a website management background.

The WordPress backend + WordPress theme constitutes a complete website. You can modify the WordPress theme to implement the style layout of your website. For example, the WordPress TF you see now is to change the theme to become what it is.

Why choose WordPress?

1. Since the release of the first version in 2005, WordPress has experienced more than seven years of development, and the maturity of the product can be imagined.

2. WordPress has a lot of plug-ins and themes, it is very convenient to install and use, you can not use the code in time, you can also use it to build a beautiful and powerful website.

3. Currently WordPress is no longer a simple blog program, you can not only use it to build a personal blog, but also build other common types of websites, such as portals, download stations, Taobao, forums, multi-blogs and so on.

4. With WordPress, you won’t fight alone, no matter what problem you encounter, as long as you Google, you can find a solution.

Still have questions? Still hesitating?

1. WordPress is very powerful, but the background seems to be very complicated, what should I do?

In fact, in contact with each website building program, you need to learn how to use it yourself. The power of WordPress has also led to its relatively complicated background, but, as I said just now, you won’t be alone. There are already a lot of WordPress introductory tutorials on the Internet including this webiste. Pictures, videos, and casual search can be found. I am also writing a door tutorial. For example, the one you saw is the first part of this tutorial.

As long as you search, you will learn by yourself, everything is a piece of cake!

2. I heard that WordPress is very CPU-intensive, and the background operation is very card?

Compared with other small blog programs, WordPress is indeed a bit larger in resource consumption; but have you thought about it? Why are so many people using WordPress? What exactly is taking up your CPU?

In fact, WordPress’s requirements for the host are relatively high, but the real CPU consumption is not WordPress itself, but usually caused by many plug-ins installed by users. Everyone who just started to contact WordPress will continue to install N multi-plugins, and it will be repeated. Advocating once saw the background of a novice friend, he was shocked, he actually installed 31 plugins! ! View his web page source code, even loaded 16 js files and N css files! I would like to ask, such a toss, if you are the host, can you eat it?

To use WordPress well, you need to master certain optimization techniques. On this issue, you will be explained in a future article.

Ok, about WordPress, you can say this first, if you are interested, then learn step by step.


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