WordPress 5.1 “Betty” released

WordPress 5.1, named “Betty”, commemorates the famous jazz singer Betty Carter, who can already see the update push in the background.

Following WordPress 5.0   - Introducing the major version of the new block editor – 5.1 focuses on optimizing the editor, especially improving the overall performance of the editor. In addition, this version paves the way for better, faster, and more secure WordPress, providing webmasters and developers with the necessary tools.

Site health

Considering security and speed, this release introduces WordPress’s first site health feature. WordPress will begin to post notifications to administrators of websites running outdated versions of PHP. When you install a new plugin, WordPress’s site health features will be checked against the version of PHP you are running. If the version required by the plugin does not apply to your website, WordPress will prevent you from installing the plugin.

Editor optimization

WordPress 5.1 has improved performance in the new editor. The editor loads faster and the typing is smoother. It is expected that there will be more performance improvements in the next few releases.

Developer’s gospel

Multi-site metadata

5.1 introduces a new database table to store site-related metadata and allows the storage of arbitrary site data related to a multi-site/network environment.

Scheduled Cron API

The Cron API has been updated with new features to help return data and includes new filters for modifying cron storage. Other changes to behavior can affect cron generation on servers running FastCGI and PHP-FPM versions 7.0.16 and higher.

New JS build process

WordPress 5.1 has a new JavaScript build option that follows the massive reorganization of the code launched in version 5.0.


Other improvements include:

  • Update WP_DEBUG_LOGthe value of a constant
  • New test configuration file wp-config.php constant in test suite, new plugin action hook
  • wp_unique_post_slug()WP_User_Queryand the count_users()addition of short-circuit filters
  • New human_readable_durationfeatures
  • Improved taxonomy cleanup for taxonomy
  • WP_Meta_QuerySupport through  LIKE query
  • New “Make Error” notification when registering REST API endpoints

…and more!


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